Competition Handbook 2018


Tour de Force Competition 2018


Competition time is such an exciting time of year for our team, and we can’t wait to get their pieces on stage and show the world what we’ve got!

Through participation in competitions, we hope to instill in our students an appreciation for other dancers and schools.

We are not out to beat anyone; instead, we hope to motivate both students and faculty by exposing them to the highest caliber of talent available. For us, competition is an education!

Most competitions run over the entire weekend, we encourage our dancers to attend the full event whether or not they are competing on a particular day. We work as a team, always available to support each other. All of our dancers will be present at their awards and clap and cheer for all routines. Good sportsmanship is a must. We should display a positive and gracious outlook no matter what the award is.

Competition schedules come out 1 week before the competition. We will tell you as soon as we know!!!

Competition weekends can be long, busy, and tiring for dancers, parents, and staff; by working together we can all enjoy each others time together at competition and make each event one for the memory books!

Here’s what to expect:

  • When we arrive:  It’s always a little chaotic when we first arrive at any competition.  Every competition is run differently and it always takes us a few minutes to get our bearings. The best thing to do is find a  spot to gather while the instructors  talks to the competition people to figure out where we need to be.


  • Competitions provide schedules about a week prior to each competition. PLEASE DO NOT ASK US IF WE HAVE THE SCHEDULE YET.  You will know as soon as I do.


  • These times are approximate – they can run late, or more importantly EARLY – and they expect us to be ready. We give you a time that you MUST be ready.  


  • A  good rule of thumb is to be flexible. Competitions rarely run on time! With the exception of early morning stage times, please be at the venue AT LEAST an  hour prior to the time we give you to be ready.


  • It is incredibly stressful to not only the teachers, but to their team as well, when a dancer shows up last minute. It’s best to get to the venue and be ready VERY early.


Dressing Rooms


  • In most cases, the competition officials will assign us a dressing room, or a general gathering area. Some venues have enough space that every studio gets a different room. Some venues have one common space that people claim areas in.


  • Be sure to respect other studios’ space!



  • When it is time for your dancer to be on stage – your dancer(s) will go with their teacher and she will help them get stretched and warmed up.  EVERYONE (meaning all parents) else will just go to the audience.


  • Parents, please do not “rehearse” your dancers. This only serves to stress them out, which is the last thing they need before going on stage.


  • You can sit as a group, by yourself, etc.  Unless pre-approved by a teacher, there are to be NO DANCERS backstage except for the ones whose number is coming up.


  • Please be courteous of other groups in the auditorium. There are always a lot of people coming in and out during and between numbers. Please be mindful that the parents of the dancers on stage are somewhere in that audience, and they want to see – don’t block anyone!


  • If you need to get up and move around, please do so between numbers. Remember that you don’t know who is sitting around you, so please don’t make negative comments about a dancer on stage or a group at the competition.
  • When our dancers are done with each their last number, please feel free to go to a side hallway or hopefully pre-designated meeting area to tell them how amazing they were. DO NOT GO BACKSTAGE. Dancers will come out very quickly, but it’s too crazy backstage to take our whole crew back there.


  • If dancers have a quick change, they more than likely do not need your assistance. They help each other, and often times parents can add to the stress level. Trust me, (Kristi, Amy & Claire) have been through this ourselves!   We often go back ourselves to help them.


We REALLY want to encourage them to be independent and it starts with times like this!

Get them ready, and kiss and go :).

  • Please make sure our dancers are dancing to a full audience. Meaning – don’t leave when your dancer is done. Most of the time it works out for the majority of our team to be there. Although, if the ages are on different days, we don’t expect you to be there, but it is nice to show support if you can.  


  • Dancers need to be courteous and supportive of dancers coming off stage. That moment is not the time for negative feedback from anyone!  Constructive comments will come from the instructor when we get judges feedback. We as instructors try not to make any comments to them if they have more dancers. Typically they “know” how they did and they don’t need us to tell them.   We do often say energy is low, etc. Things like that.


  • We never know what our situation will be as far as being able to leave the venue to get food. Sometimes if works out for us to go out as a group, other times it’s not as easy. Bring small snacks to keep in your bag, just in case!
  • Always encourage your child to be the best they can be without regard to what others achieve.
  • Remember, even with the exact same training, no two students will progress at the exact same rate.


  • Encourage your child to always do their best, always give their all, and to be satisfied with their own unique accomplishments.


  • Our goal is to give the students the skills they need to be successful and live a happy and fulfilled life, whether or not they stay involved in dance or not.


  • It is important that our competition team is a positive and safe environ ment. Your conduct is a huge part of this. Parents please remember that our children are a reflection of ourselves.


  • Please do not gossip about the goings on at our studio or others.


  • If you hear gossip keep it to yourself, do not spread it.


  • Do not talk badly about other studios or dancers at other studios.


  • Always take the high road.


  • Remember you are a representative of DTS, please behave the way you would like your child to behave.

We’ve never had an issue, but it needs to be said :).


What to bring to every competition:

  • Dancer (extremely important, please don’t forget this!)
  • Costume(s)
  • Tights
  • Dance Shoes
  • Nude undergarments if needed (absolutely NO underwear is allowed under costumes) ). Nude bras are fine, as long as they are hidden as well as possible. Please make sure they don’t mess with the lines/look of the costume.
  • Accessories (hair pieces, bows, belts, etc.)
  • Earrings
  • Deodorant (please make sure your dancer has some – they’re working hard and they NEED it!)
  • Make-Up
  • Brush (please make sure each dancer has her own)
  • Ponytail holders (lots of them)
  • Hair net – Sally has these to match your dancer’s hair color
  • Hair Pins- that match hair color
  • Hair Spray
  • Hair wax, gel, paste (as needed for clean slicked back style)
  • TDF jacket  – VERY IMPORTANT!!
  • Q-tips
  • Tissues (for moms too – I cry every time! J)(I also never remember my tissues)
  • Make up remover
  • Feminine products
  • Sewing kit- travel size
  • Safety pins
  • scissors
  • Street Wear
  • Street Shoes
  • Toothbrush
  • All costumes should come in a garment bag on a hanger.
  • Costume should be neat, steamed and competition ready.
  • Use your checklist to double check that you have all items. Please have all the items on the checklist.
  • Use your checklist when packing for competition and when for leaving competition to make sure you did not leave anything behind.
  • Dancers should have their name is all shoes, tights, and costumes.
  • All dancers must have a cover up – preferably their DTS Warm-Ups or logo apparel and for awards. NO SLOPPY CLOTHING!
  • Even if you think you might need a set of shoes, BRING THEM ANYWAY, you NEVER KNOW>





  • Technique and choreography are very important. It’s also just as important to remember that no one wants to watch a dancer with a “dead fish” face.


  • Whether your dance is sad, wistful, joyful, angry, happy, anguished, or any other emotion – please make sure we can see that on your face! THERE IS NO AUDIENCE ON THE FLOOR…keep that in mind!!


  • Dancers, please remember to HAVE FUN! It’s very important to show the audience (therefore, the judges) just how much you love to dance.


  • Make sure you can listen to your music so that she can listen to it while you are stretching and/or go over dances. If your dancer’s teacher feels a last minute rehearsal is needed, so she will do so!


  • Dancers – when you’re back stage waiting for your number, remember to be courteous of other dancers. Stay out of the wings until it’s your turn.


  • ALWAYS congratulate and/or offer good wishes to the dancers going out or coming off stage. Some are not as nice and friendly, but always take the higher road and smile :).



  • Dancers need to eat a healthy meal to fuel their body



  • Good fuel choices before you dance include: Fruit, veggies, sandwiches, salads, cheese and crackers,grilled meats, water.


  • Dancers need to eat before call time or after they dance. There is no snacking or eating after call time unless there is an emergency or you have back to back dances. In these cases ask permission! Keep small snacks in your bag for these occasions. Trail mix, granola bar, banana, etc.



  • Dancers should be ready at call time. Not walking in the door right at call time.



  • Ready includes: hair, make up,accessories and tights. Dancers should be dressed in something they can warm up in.


  • Dancers should stay with their teacher or where their teacher has asked them to be.


  • If the teacher says they can watch they need to be sitting together as a group all together right inside the door.


  • They should not be wandering around the theatre even if it is with their family. We need to know where all the dancers are.
  • Once warm, dancers will run through their dances with the music.


  • Dancers will go back stage approximately 4  dances before they dance.
  • You are expected to keep track of your costumes, accessories, shoes, makeup and whatever else you made need for performances. All your supplies need to be kept together and not used between performances. Your costumes should always be hung up and ready to go. If everything is together and ready then you only need to do a quick check before a performance. Put your name on EVERYTHING


From Proactive Coaching-

A sense of entitlement basically means,“normal standards don’t apply to me- my talent allows me to be above the team”. People with a sense of entitlement kill teams. We want this “team” to be successful. Full investment and commitment are what “wins” – not entitlement.