Richmond, VA

January 25-27, 2019

Downtown Richmond Marriott
& Greater Richmond Convention Center
500 E Broad St
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 643-3400


COST: $260 Due October 10th – this will be a separate charge on your account


Parents, the only responsibilities you have are:

*Get them to the convention center on time, and be there to pick up on time.

*Bring your dancers their lunch each day (You may also get with other parents and someone can do a pickup one day for lunch, and someone else the next, etc. Totally up to you!)

* Saturday afternoon/evening events.

You are free to go shop, sleep, do work, etc. while dancers are in class. Take some time for you!



Saturday meet at 7:30 am in the lobby of the convention center or where the “action is”. Look for us. But, typically they wear arm bands and THEY ARE NOT TO TAKE THEM OFF.  Kristi or Amy usually meets near vending machines in the lobby of the bottom floor of convention center (when you walk across the street from the hotel).

Sunday, they go straight to class.





All dancers should wear their TDF leotard on Saturday and another black leotard on Sunday. You may wear jazz pants, tights and booty shorts, and bring all of your dance shoes. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, etc. You may want to dress in layers. Pants or sweatpants over shorts, etc. Many of you may be walking from a hotel.


Please only bring a small bag. Room is VERY limited in these ballrooms and label all of your shoes with your name. Make sure you put your shoes back INTO your bag, don’t just throw them in the general area of your bag.


ALL DANCERS HAIR MUST BE PULLED BACK INTO AT LEAST A PONYTAIL. You will see all sorts of “looks” at these workshops, but we want our dancers to represent themselves as well as the studio, well. Please do not dress like slobs!!.

In your bag, you will want to bring some water, and maybe some crackers, but they need to be dancing and not eating. The schedule will allow for a break for lunch, and once I get that, we will decide how to handle it. Food is always important to these girls.


PARENTS: Once the dancers are in their ballroom where they are dancing, other than going to the bathroom, they will not be leaving. Kristi, Amy and I float from room to room and have a main place to meet, etc. You are free to go after drop off until lunch, or if you just pack snacks, etc. in the afternoon!

LUNCH: Because we do not know the schedule we will send out more information when we receive it. Parents often take turns or have a few dancers they get lunch for.


  • No Admittance to ballrooms without a wristband – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • There are no refunds. Studio credits are available to the studio owner only.
  • No video recording or photography at any time during classes or competition.
  • Still photos can be taken in between classes.
  • Wristbands for entry into ballroom must be worn throughout the convention and competition. Do not remove 
wristband. If replacement wristband is needed, your old wristband must be presented.
  • No oversized dance bags or luggage allowed in the ballroom. Keep all belongings as far back against the 
walls as possible.
  • All dancers must wear cover-up and shoes when outside the ballroom area. No tap shoes and no bare feet 
outside ballrooms.
  • Please be respectful of other guests in convention and hotel. 
The Dancers will be tired and depending on the length of the convention, dancers are free to do as the please that evening. There is a competition, and it is usually totally insane. But you can try to watch if there is room. Normally we just do a workshop and the evening is free, but discuss with your dancer. It is always beneficial to watch, but seating is probably very limited.

What can you expect?

  • Your child will be well supervised by an expert team of staff and faculty. Our experienced teachers will use age appropriate music and dance routines. The emphasis will be on technique and the spirit of FUN in competition.You will find teachers who are accessible, and who are more than happy to answer questions, to sit for photos, and to sign autographs.
  • For the protection and safety of all, our ballrooms doors are staffed by guards who allow only registered clients (with wristbands) into the ballrooms.

What can your child expect?

  • High energy classes in all subjects!
Technique presented in a fun manner, with positive reinforcement and personal attention! Answers to all questions!
Lots of encouragement to “keep trying” without the pressure to “get it right” the first time! Teachers with great attitudes who are eager to give your child the best experience possible! The chance to meet other dancers!
  • What can you do?
  • Make sure that you are clear about what your teacher wants you to do and where she/he wants you to meet. Your teachers will pick up their packets from the registration desk and will hand out wristbands to students and observers. Trust that your teachers know what to do!
  • Have easy to carry snacks for your child for the breaks. Plan ahead for lunch.
  • Be polite and courteous at all times. If something goes wrong, the best solution is often “with a little bit of honey”.
  • Above all, emphasize the joy of the experience, as well as the accomplishments!!